Abandoned Places – Have you ever seen one of these before?


I have collected lots of abandoned places what I found interesting. Most places come from Russia  – this is the largest country on the Earth anyway – and the United States. These countries have many places what have been left behind – trough the years.

1.Northampton Lunatic Hospital

It was an asylum for the insane in Massachusetts, Built in 1856. It has been able to receive more than 200 patients, but the space for housing seemed to be not enough – With the turn of the century, the hospital has been renamed to Northampton State Hospital and the capacity gained 600 patients with the additional buildings, but the living conditions were the worst. The capacity of housing has been extended to at least 2500 in 1950. The hospital has been closed in 1993.

The images came from opacity.us and jimmysquid.com

2. Kadykchan

The city of Kadykchan has been left behind by the people who lived there in the early ’90, after collapse of USSR. The place is located in Susumansky District of Magadan Oblast, Russia.

The photos came from Englishrussia.com.

3. Detroit’s Abandoned Train Station

Michigan Central Station, Detroit, Michigan

The photos came from Seedetroit.com.

4. Hibini Mountains

The place is located in Kola Peninsula, Northern  part of  Russia.

The pictures came from Englishrussia.com

5. Abandoned Zoo in Detroit

First known as “The Belle Isle Zoo”, the gates has been opened in 1895. The Zoo got several names trough the years, and when it has been closed by Kwame M. Kilpatrick in 2001. He promised the people that it will be reopened “one day”. It is abandoned now…

The pictures came from sweet-juniper.com


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